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Michigan State UniversitySALUS Model

Lab Members

Current Members

Photo of Brian
Brian Baer (
Programmer Analyst

Research Interests: Main developer of the SALUS model.

Photo of Olivia
Olivia Davidson (
Graduate Student

Shiming Li (
Visiting Scholar

Photo of Lin
Lin Liu (
Graduate Student

Photo of Bernardo
Bernardo Maestrini (

Michael Metiva (
Graduate Student

Photo of Richard
Richard Price (

Research Interests: Enhancing corn yields and profitability through precision agriculture.

Photo of Greg
Greg Putman (
Graduate Student

Research Interests: Impact of nutrient cycling in field crops pertaining to phosphorus fertilization and crop utilization.

Photo of Lydia
Lydia Rill (

Photo of Guanyuan
Guanyuan Shuai (
Graduate Student

Photo of Anne
Anne Stanton (

Ben Tirrell (
Graduate Student

Photo of Ruben
Ruben Ulbrich (

Research Interests: Develop management tools with farmers to maximize yields while reducing the environmental impact of agriculture.

Lab Alumni

Photo of Jose
Jose Cora (
Visiting Scholar

Joshua M. Cornett (
Undergraduate Student

Photo of Benjamin
Benjamin Dumont (

Eric Klein (
Undergraduate Student

Leonel Rios (
Undergraduate Student

Photo of Yi
Yi Shi (
Research Scientist

Research Interests: Internet-based distributed geospatial decision support systems, environmental modeling and system of the systems integration for ecosystem conservation and global sustainability.

Photo of Jinshui
Jinshui Zhang (
Visiting Scholar